The Plan

If you’re going to visit all the countries in the world − of which the UN has 193 members − you have to keep moving.

I maintain a world map of all the places I’ve been. I keep a copy of this map on my phone. When fellow travelers ask me where I’ve been in the past 11 years, I show them my map of the 152 countries I’ve visited so far.

Half the time, the first thing my traveling companions say is “You haven’t been to Brazil?!” It’s almost embarrassing not to have been to Brazil. And that’s not the only South American country that’s untouched on my world map.

With this in mind, I’ve organized a six-week trip to Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia. Please follow me as I wander around down here. There will be a few surprise detours along the way.

As always, feel free to send suggestions or questions by email or use my new comment section below.