Version 1.044

January 2, 2000 -- Yesterday, we discovered that not all US Navy commands who use STARS have been taking advantage of this website to download and install free updates of our software which we post here. Specifically, if you are using a release of STARS which predates June 1999, you may have encountered a Y2K bug in your CommLog or Desk Journal. This problem was corrected in June 1999. If you have not downloaded any software updates in the past six months, you may have seen a few strange dates in your CommLog or Desk Journal this weekend. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Today, we have reposted the current version of STARS as version 1.044. We ask that all STARS administrators please download and install this version. In this way, we can be sure that all users have advanced to the same version.

Version 1.044 is intended to be the final release of 16-bit STARS, prior to release of the 32-bit version which will be posted soon as version 2.00.

If you do not have version 1.044, please download and install either the Full Installation or the Quick Update today.