Reporting problems and bugs

STARS has no known bugs at this time and the program has been very thoroughly tested. However, this doesn't guarantee that you'll never encounter a problem.

If you encounter a problem with STARS that you feel is a bug, please report it immediately to You may also find it useful to send us a copy of part or all of the data that is causing your current problems. In this way, we can determine whether the problems arise from data corruption or unanticipated data. Click here to upload part or all of your STARS data.

Please include with your bug report any relevant information, such as where you were working within the program, what you did that caused the bug to appear and the exact text of any error messages you saw on-screen.

Our policy

Our #1 priority is to provide you with solid software that works as hard as and as consistenly as you do. We will attempt to fix any reported bugs within 3 days and to post the updated software on this website. We will notify you of the bug fix by email. You can download the updated program files from this website.

Bugs are fixed at no charge, of course. If your command has purchased STARS, then upgrades and support are always free.


You may encounter a problem with STARS that isn't really a bug, but which makes the program less that perfect.

If you have any suggestions for ways in which our software can be improved, please send them to Many of the features and capabilities that you'll find in STARS have been added in response to requests from people like you.

General trouble-shooting

Besides fixing bugs, our support staff stays busy bailing users out of trouble. Earthquakes, typhoons, power outages and plain old user errors can do nasty things to databases. If you need help reconstructing a corrupted database, recovering a lost password or just trouble-shooting an installation problem, please give us a call, email us or contact us by fax at one of our numbers.

Many problems have been encountered more than once. You may want to take a look at the STARS User Forum to get advice from other STARS users. Or please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions database to see if your problem has been solved before.

Other services

ZOA Consulting will also help you with data conversions. For example, if you have a large database of personnel and vehicle records that are currently stored in an obsolete data application, you may want to move these data into STARS. We will give you free advice on how to do this conversion. Or for a fee, we'll convert your data into STARS for you. Please contact us for detailed information and pricing.