STARS = Security Tools And Reporting System

STARS for Windows

STARS for Windows is a complete package of forms, reporting, statistical and graphing tools designed for U.S.Navy police and fire departments. STARS is in use at more than 70 US Navy commands worldwide to automate the processing of the following frequently used security forms:

OPNAV 5527/25 Communications Log
OPNAV 5527/19 Desk Journal
OPNAV 5580/1 Incident/Complaint Report (ver.6/98)
OPNAV 5527/2 Voluntary Statement
OPNAV 5527/3 Waiver of Rights

STARS also manages your personnel roster, housing lists, vehicle and weapons registration, traffic citations and field interviews. In effect, STARS consists of nine separate programs which work together to maintain a set of related databases:

Communications Log

Desk Journal

Incident Report

Personnel Roster

Housing List

Vehicle Registration

Weapons Registration

Traffic Citations

Field Interviews

Windows interface / System requirements

STARS is a fully Windows-implemented program, with all the WYSIWYG/GUI features that you would expect from a Windows application, such as mouse support and cut/paste between forms and applications. STARS works on all versions of Windows. The hardware requirements are:

Minimum practical configuration 100mb hard disk space free, 16mb RAM, Windows XP This is an OK configuration, particularly for a standalone installation or a dispatch desk. The speed and performance will be acceptable.
Recommended configuration 200mb hard disk space free, 256mb RAM, Windows XP or better With this configuration, you'll be able to get your work done quickly and make good use of the program's capabilities to jump between different modules.

You'll also need a printer, of course. Any graphics printer for which you have a Windows printer driver is acceptable. This includes most dot matrix, deskjet and laserjet printers manufactured in the past 10 years. There are, however, wide ranges in performance and speed. The new NIBRS Incident Report is highly graphics intensive. For printing this report, you will want to have a modern laserjet printer designed for processing and printing graphic images.

Standalone or Networked

You can install STARS for Windows in either a stand-alone configuration or in a networked environment. The installation procedure is roughly the same. At each computer that will use STARS, run the SETUP program to copy the VB support files (DLLs and OCXs) to the local hard disk. Specify either a local or networked path to install STARS.

If you use STARS on several standalone computers, you may occasionally want to copy your data from one computer to another. This can be done by means of Export and Import utilities built into STARS.

STARS has been tested successfully on all versions of Windows and Microsoft networks. Record and file locking built into the program allows multiuser access to the data files.