About Zoa Consulting

What we do...

ZOA Consulting is a provider of custom software solutions. Many businesses and government agencies find that their computer needs cannot be met by software purchased off-the-shelf. ZOA Consulting will design, create and maintain the software you need according to your specifications. Founded in 1983, ZOA Consulting currently supports more than 100 custom software applications.

Who we work for ...

We specialize in database systems for legal, medical, transportation, banking and scientific applications. The following is a listing of some of our recent clients:

Allegis Capital Palo Alto, CA
Asia Pacific Ventures Menlo Park, CA
City of Mill Valley Mill Valley, CA
Dee Vine Wines San Francisco, CA
EarthJustice Legal Defense Fund San Francisco, CA
McKesson Corporation San Francisco, CA
Regional Transportation Commission Reno, NV
San Francisco General Hospital San Francisco, CA
San Mateo County Mosquito
& Vector Control District
Burlingame, CA
U.S.Navy Various locations worldwide
Varian Medical Systems Palo Alto, CA