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The purpose of this page is to allow users of STARS from around the globe to communicate with each other, sharing tips and suggestions on how to best make use of the software, as well as to discuss future changes and enhancements that you would like to see in this software. (Note: If you post a message here, you will probably need to refresh your browser to see your message.)

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STARS renewal in FY08 will be the same as in FY07. You can download an order form for your STARS renewal at Please contact to renew your STARS or to obtain additional information.
09:20 9/1/07 - Jim Stifler / ZOA Consulting <>
For FY07, STARS pricing will remain unchanged. Since central funding is not available for software licensing, all commands are required to use local funds to renew their annual STARS software site licenses. Please contact to renew your STARS or to obtain additional information.
09:20 8/29/06 - Jim Stifler / ZOA Consulting <>
As in FY05, all commands are required to use local funds to renew their annual STARS software site licenses for FY06. Please contact for additional information and to place your renewal order.
07:26 8/17/05 - Jim Stifler / ZOA Consulting <>
For FY05, all commands are required to use local funds to pay the annual STARS software site licenses. This applies to both winSTARS and webSTARS licenses. Contact for additional information and to place your renewal order.
08:44 10/1/04 - Jim Stifler / ZOA Consulting <>
Good news! Funding for the Navy's worldwide winSTARS license has come through for FY04. Effective immediately, all US Navy commands are granted software licenses through 2004/09/30. If you have not already received your key registration file, please contact ZOA Consulting at your earliest convenience so that we can email you the headers.txt file that you need to use STARS.
17:00 12/1/03 - Jim Stifler / ZOA Consulting <>
The CNO has signed a contract to license STARS for all Naval Facilities through FY04. Although this contract has not yet been fully funded, any Naval command currently using or wishing to use STARS may obtain a STARS header file to allow an extension of software license through 2004/01/31. If your command has not received the new key file, please email us and we will be happy to assist in any way we can. Thank you for using STARS.
17:48 10/7/03 - Jim Stifler / ZOA Consulting <>
Follow up note to the posting by Gary Lange: The symptoms that users at Diego Garcia reported included (1) duplicated and missing data, (2) attempts to access the latest record produced the message "Record is open and in use by Admin", (3) navigating around in the database occasionally resulted in the user getting kicked out of STARS altogether. These are all symptoms of corruption in the STARSDB.MDB file. The problem was solved by logging in as ADMIN and running Tools / Repair Database. To prevent minor database errors from accumulating into serious corruption problems, we recommend that you repair your STARS database once a week as preventive maintenance.
08:51 9/2/03 - Jim Stifler / ZOA Consulting <>
Has anyone had a problem with STARS version 2.19 locking users out of the database? The users at our Security department are receiving an error message stating that the database is in use by the administrator. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
05:28 8/22/03 - Gary Lange NSF Diego Garcia <>
Note to Richard Watson - When an Incident Report is input in STARS, the CCN value is saved as a literal text string in the Access database. There is no way that this CCN number can be changed unless a user actually edits the CCN and then closes the ICR. If you have found any situation in which STARS changes your CCN values spontaneously, please contact me immediately.
07:56 8/26/03 - Jim Stifler / ZOA Consulting <>
Is anyone having a problem with stars changing the CCN numbers after they have been put in the ICR system? I'm currently running 2.14 and testing 2.19 and it appears to be doing it with both programs.
17:19 7/22/03 - Richard Watson/NAS Police Department Patuxent River <>
Another solution that we use here in CNRSW is to use MS Word database tools and import the journal data into MS word as a table. We then distribute the file to all CO's, XO's and Security Officers. The nice thing about this is that there is no difference between Word 97 and 2000 documents, so it can be read by either program. Also, eliminating the need for printing multiple copies.
13:59 4/29/03 - Jim Craig, Database Manager, Navy Region Southwest <>
Note to MA1 Forney – STARS version 2.xx uses a 32-bit Access 2000 database file format. In order for you to be able to export and import data from STARS, the export files must be in Access 2000 format. We realize that this is an inconvenience for anyone running Access 97. There are three solutions to the problem that you’ve posed: (1) Upgrade to Office 2000. (2) Install STARS 2.xx on the local C: drives of all users who would like to view your DJs. You could email these users your DJ export files. Then, your personnel could import the DJ export file you send them and read the DJ online. (3) If you have a network that links other personnel to the server where STARS is hosted, you could create “view only” user IDs for these other personnel. They could then view your DJs live at any time. Any of these three solutions would save you from having to print numerous copies of your DJs.
15:10 4/21/03 - Jim Stifler / ZOA Consulting <>
We are utilizing STARS v2.18. When we export, the file is exported into Access 2000, which is unreadable by Office 97. My suggestion, and hopefully this can be done soon, is to allow the user to choose which version of Access to download into. This may help numerous commands, who are not currently using Office 2000, in sending out DJ's without having to print numerous copies, for multiple personnel to read.
23:05 4/18/03 - MA1(SW) Heath A. Forney, Sr. / USS GEORGE WASHINGTON (CVN-73) <>
HI all.. Sorry this post has taken me so long. I have been very busy lately. Well, we seem to have fixed our corruption problems. I believe the fix was to disable opportunistic locking on the server. I suggest you do not do this unless you have IT permission, etc. Very dangerous stuff ... well, only if you mess up the registry on the server. That's why. But this has seemed to fix the problem. We still have some minor things like one person cannot log on with his login. He can only use Admin. I still have not figured that one out. I have recreated his user name and everything and still it does not work. Yet, he can log in as the Admin user and he is fine. Once again thank you all for all your help. Jim and everyone has been great.
07:19 3/17/03 - Anthony Newman NAS Brunswick <>
I have been very pleased with the STARS system. The Camp Blanding Police Dept uses it daily. I do have one suggestion. You need to set a lock on the SSN field so it cannot be duplicated. This will prevent duplicate files. Also I have found in the last year that I periodically lose files. Any suggestions? We are running on the 2000 system.
15:04 2/17/03 - Camp Blanding Police Dept <>
Hi all. We are running Ver 2.18 and we are having big problems. Just thought I would put this out here because I am almost out of ideas. It seems somedays we will be fine and the next the database will corupte 30 times over and over and over. Then I have to go into access and repair the database only for it to corrupt again. It seems to only do this on the new dell pc we recieved. On my gateway it seems to work fine. I have dispatch on local and still the database corrupts. The IT department ran ping tests on the server and the dell pc and said there was no packet loss. I am not sure if its the switch. Only problem there is they have no extra ones to see if that is the problem. The dell and my computer are hooked into the same hub. I have moved and tried different ports that does not work. I have checked for all the .dll and .ocx files and they are all there and some are newer. So now I am at a loss and it is starting to get unbearbable. I hope someone has some clue on this one.
08:34 1/22/03 - Anthony Newman / NAS Brunswick <>
Is the time frame to open a report, 1 Min and 11 Sec, average or better than average or slow? Is 43 sec to long for the print screen to show a report or is it fast or slow? Paging between the print pages at 21 sec. is this fast or slow? Just need to see where our STARS program fits in the whole universe.
13:17 1/14/03 - Clifford E. Adams, Detective/ Sewells Point Police Preceinct, Naval Station Norfolk <>
Pensacola is running ver. 2.19 error free. We were having problems with very long entries into the CommLog which our good friend Jim corrected with this latest version. The users are very happy. That makes the support personnel happy. :-)
10:46 1/2/03 - Steve Wilson, NCTAMS LANT Pensacola Det., Code N154 <>
Alright...We got ver. 2.19 out there now!!!! Is anyone out there running ver. 2.19 error free....We are at version 2.18 and running smooth currently...We are not having printing problems like ver. 2.19 is suppose to fix... Thank You For sharing your information...
09:23 12/20/02 - Robert Martinez / Naval Station Ingleside <>
Good morning, just trying to determine if anyone at all is still running STARS 1.4 in the DOS version. Pensacola is continuing maintenance with it for background searches. If anyone is using it, do you know if if has been submitted/accepted for NMCI platforms. If you still do, I would greatly appreciate knowing what you know. Thank you for kindness and help.
11:44 8/7/02 - Steve Wilson/NCTAMS LANT Pensacola Det, Code N154 <>
Zoa has updated the 2.18 version of STARS to correct the DJ problems. As far as I can see, there are no further problems with the program. There maybe something that I may have overlooked. However, at the moment I can find no current problems with STARS.
05:44 7/27/02 - Bao Tran/Nas Keflavik Navy and Marine Security Corps Security, Iceland <>
Is there anyone out there in the WINSTARS WORLD running version 2.18 error free... Thanks
10:42 7/11/02 - Robert Martinez / NAVSTA INGLESIDE, TX <>
2.17 seems to work fine except for the DJ print out. When you go to print out the DJ, it likes to skip DJ numbers. It'll go from 10 to 12 and so forth. It also likes to assign a whole bunch of entry #000. If you update to 2.18 you will fix some of that but not all of it. 2.18 fixes some of the DJ print outs, but the page break problem is still there; although not so apparent. I'm sure they will be coming out with another update soon to correct this. Other than that, we are having no problems with 2.18 here in Iceland.
22:03 7/6/02 - Bao Tran/Nas Keflavik Navy and Marine Security Corps Security, Iceland <>
Hey is anyone having issues with version 2.17 of the WINSTARS program. If so, what are they? Thank You
16:50 5/24/02 - Robert Martinez / NAVSTA Ingleside, TX <>
There should be a way to print data to a disk instead of only to paper. We have to send some information out electronically, and the way we do that now is to print out to paper and then scan it back in on word document. I realize we can export the data, but then it's on a database. If possible, having a way to export data (DJ /CL)to a word document it would make things much easier for us.
08:43 5/14/02 - Bao Tran / Nas Keflavik <>
Would like to concur with Robert Martinez's of Ingleside comments. Pensacola had a real problem that plagued us for months. Sent my database to Jim and he learned that the indexes on the tables were not there. On President's day, he and I spent most of the day repairing my tables. It has been smooth sailing since then with the exception of some network glitches which are beyond the scope of ZOA. Thanks, Jim for all your hard work and constant support.
11:37 4/15/02 - Steve Wilson, NCTAMSLANT Pensacola Detachment <>
Has anyone worked out a way for automatic saving of an ICR? While the reporter is trying to imput narrative and other information, we are having network glitches and causing the person inputting the data to lose all they input resulting in frustration and wasted manhours. Would appreciate any input on loosing data while inputting. Thank you.
11:14 4/15/02 - Steve Wilson/NCTAMSLANT Pensacola Detachment <>
We recently updated to a newer version of STARS and we imported all of our comlog, DJ and ICR files. But, we could not import any of the personnel files. The personnel files were left on the old version of stars, which means that all of our traffic tickets, FI cards, housing and weapons information was all still on the old stars. If you created a way to merge the data file of this information it would be most helpful. The STARS system uses a microsoft access database to store the STARSDM.mdb file. Microsoft access isn't designed to hold a large amount of data on this kind of database. The header or footer file keeps getting truncated when the file gets too big. So, if you created an option that lets the database partition the information onto another database file; that would be great. For example, let there be an option to export all files over 6 months old onto a new database called OLDSTARDB1.mdb . That way, the personnel could still look at the old database when something comes up, but very few actual patrol officers would ever need anything over 6 to 8 months old. Only investigations and NCIS would need something that old. If you did a database partition like this, you would also need an easier way to access these database. Such as going to an open command and asking which database you wanted to open. I truly believe this would help cause less problems with the database crashes that we've been having here. Having large databases just raises the chance of having more problems. Our database here has crashed 4 times this week. I've got an entire command calling me almost every night to come in and fix the problems. Some problems can be easily fixed and some take tools that do not have. It seems to happen when one user logs off of STARS completely for turn over and then someone else logs on. If anyone can give me any tips to prevent further crashes it would be most useful. thank you.
15:19 3/6/02 - Bao Tran/NAS Keflavik Security, Iceland <>
We are using ver 2.16 on a network with an OS consisting mainly of Winnt 4.0 sp6a. STARS support desk are able to help you with your problems because, we were once running lower versions and finally got to ver 2.16. There are kinks in the lower versions of the STARS program such as having to do a repair and compact daily to maintain the program for our clients. (What we had to do in order to keep the program in production, scheduled the program for maintenance 15 minutes daily off line time then put it back into production) We no longer have to do a repair and compact on a daily basis. The only issue that we've had is the ICR's get locked from time to time. It's not a constant problem. It was a long road to travel, but it is possible to run version 2.16 with the help of the STARS support personnel! The STARS program is not what you would call a fast program, but all things Speed of your network (10/100 Mbps), operating system (Winnt 4.0), hard drive space (Smallest hard drive is a 3 Gig), size of your database (STARSDB.MDB 35.8 MB), number of users (We have 120 network users on the STARS program alone) it does the job required for the Security department.
10:28 2/21/02 - Robert Martinez Naval Station Ingleside <>
Adding to my previous comment... This jump happened on Jan09,2002. It rolled over the end of the year just fine.
07:55 1/10/02 - Sandra
Has anyone had a problem with the incremented numbers on the ICRs skipping approx 2000 numbers?
07:50 1/10/02 - Sandra Taylor, NSA Naples Italy <>
NAS Sigonella is currently using version 1.47 due to problems running the new 2.16 version. Our system is networked and we have been expirencing some users attempting to log in only to get an OLE error. Our ISD Dept is somewhat dumbfounded and can not find a fix. Any suggestions?
08:56 10/25/01 - MA2 Jason P. Brush, Departmental ISSO / STARS Administrator/ NAS Sigonella <>
A couple of suggestions for changes have recently surfaced with the Pearl Harbor Region. We are still using Version 1.47 primarily because of problems when we attempted to convert to Version 2.14. Presently, within the "Victim" section, there is a section identified as "Related to Suspect". For this section to be completed properly, the "Suspect" section must first be completed. The takes the user out of the chronological sequence in which the report is completed. As is stands to date, the writer of a report, where the above blocks would be completed, fills out the Victim blocks and continues to the Witness/Sponsor and then to the Suspect block. He or she must then go back to the Victim section to complete the "Related to Suspect" block. It would be beneficial if the users did not have to go back to the Victim section to complete the "Related to Suspect" block. The second item of concern is regarding the statistical data capability of the program. I have used this tool extensively and have yet to find a way to create a report which will depict the number of arrests made for a specific period of time. This would also be beneficial for various reasons. If there is anyone with suggestions to assist us here at Pearl Harbor with the above mentioned, any assistance is welcomed.
13:24 10/5/01 - Navy Regional Security Hawaii - Pearl Harbor <>
Is anyone else having experience with the program crashing? By 'crashing' I mean the database becomes corrupt during the most critical part of the days. Pensacola is running v. 2.16 and some of the workstations are NT40 and others are Win2K. Have narrowed the number of user to 11. Have put the program on a dedicated server in of the security buildings. The application is much slower than before, but with two users gone at the moment, it seems that the system is more steady. Will let you know what I learn.
17:05 10/4/01 - Steve Wilson, NCTAMSLANT Pensacola Detachment, Code N1541 <>
Pensacola just reverted from version 2.16 to version 2.14 because of the problems associated with the change in the ICR updates in version 2.15. Our police officers may sometimes be able to complete an ICR in one setting or one day, but there are many times in which they are called away to do another task and they must put the ICR on hold until they can get back to it. Also, the submission date is desired to be input for tracking purposes to see how long it takes to complete the ICR. They can input the correct submission date on completion, but that is not reliable. Please allow the users of the wonderful program a switch to allow the change whether an ICR edit requires a member of the administrative group to access the record. We wish to stay current with the changes as they occur, but this one is not acceptable as it is. Thank you for listening to this situation.
14:18 8/23/01 - Steve Wilson, NCTAMSLANT Pensacola Det., Code N1541 <>
STARS Users - CINCPACFLT in conjunction with COMNAVREGs Northwest and Southwest will be officially evaluating webSTARS for applicability and potential enterprise-wide roll-outs in the near to mid-future. CINCPACFLT msg 201726Z Jul 01 refers. During this evaluation period we will be collecting end-user inputs. We appreciate your comments and suggestions during Beta testing periods. Please coordinate comments with your Region security database administrators or alternate POCs directly. We'll work with Mr. Stifler to provide updates via and/or the CINCPACFLT/Region websites as needed. Thanks!
13:35 7/25/01 - LCDR Jeff Kinsman, Regional Security Director, Commander, Navy Region Northwest <>
In recent weeks, the STARS user forum part was not functioning properly because of changes at our ISP. But now, it's back on-line. We are particularly interested in getting feedback from our users on webSTARS. Please feel free to make suggestions here for features that you would particularly like to see incorporated in the next major release of STARS.
18:29 6/18/01 - Jim Stifler / ZOA Consulting <>
I would recommend setting up a separate section for user forum just for the WEB BASED STARS at your web site WWW.ZOA.COM ... This way the new STARS program will be that much more powerful than version 2.14 that we are currently running... The STARS program did in fact come a long way from where it first started!!!!!
15:58 6/13/01 - Robert Martinez / Naval Station Ingleside <>
With the pending release of the web-based STARS version in October, recommend Dr. Stifler organize a user conference PRIOR to its final release to discuss the new release and allow users comments, suggestions and recommended changes. Perhaps a 2/3 day conference could be arranged in San Francisco (at ZOA, Inc.?) Comments anyone?
09:39 6/13/01 - Harriet Knox / CINCPACFLT <>
Is there a way to do a wildcard search in the system? I have frequently encountered situations where for instance searching for LR-706, LR 706, and LR706 will give diferent results even though it is the same plate number. This has also ben encountered with spelling of certain names. Part of the problem is caued by poor data entry (too many people and no set standard). But when Officers are waiting for the data, doing multiple searches, and having to switch screen (which takes to long as it is) makes the job harder than what it should be. Any help or tips will be appreciated.
15:41 3/19/01 - Wayne George/Dispatcher/Law Enforcement Section/Naval Station Newport <>
In Pensacola, we are having timing problems with WinSTARS 2.14, but it may be more to the network changing at the moment. However, we have trimmed our users to 30. We did this by allowing the Police Officers to use a generic password (a really big help). The Shift Supervisor does monitoring and refinement to all the reports. We don't have the distance you have. While we are moving, we will be very slow. After the migration, we will fine tune the network, then if it is still slow, we will begin to work on the program. We cannot go back to older versions as we love this one, especially, the corrections to the ICR's. You are always welcome to talk to me for any ideas.
14:21 3/19/01 - Steve Wilson, NCTAMSLANT Pensacola Det., Code N1541 <>
We are currently running ver 2.14 successfully...We don't have 100 users, but we are running on WINNT 4.0 workstations using NTFS on primary partitions..Logging onto WINNT 4.0 server...We do have about 50 users accessing the STARS program with one user accessing the database 24 HRS seven days a week...The size of the database is important when talking about performance...Let's face it....The STARS program a slow program and as of yet it has not gotten better (Performance Wise)(BUT COMPARED TO WHAT IT WAS IN THE EARLIER VERSIONS..THIS IS ALOT BETTER)...I would suggest getting a hold of the support desk for the STARS program and they can work wonders in getting your command to version 2.14...Our database size is 13.8 MB..But we only keep 6 months of Desk Journals and COMM Logs...we do keep the rest of the previous data exported in case we do need to access that information....Send me email if you would like to discuss this further...DSN 776-4263 COMM (361) 776-4263...
12:14 3/12/01 - Robert Martinez / Naval Station Ingleside <>
We just upgraded our STARS from version 1.47 to 2.14. After running three days we began experiencing the following errors while in the ICR module: several Police Officers while filling out and editing incident complaint reports received error messages. They were; Automation Error Unspecified Error Error # 2147467259 Error Function : ICRADD - set datacontrol Unrecognized database format "\uosdfscpf001\unspapps\stars for windows\starsdb.mdb." Automation error Unspecified error Error number: - 2147467259 Error function: Communication-Form_Load Once the error occurred with one user, other users began encountering the same error condition. Our STARS administrator did a repair and compact in ACCESS 2000 to clear the problem. However, the condition reoccurred as users logged in again. We have had to revert back to version 1.47. Are there any other commands who experienced the same or similar problem? Our database is 59 Megabytes and we have 100+ users. The program and database are on a NT 4.0 network server.
19:41 3/8/01 - Harriet Knox/CINCPACFL T <>
Pensacola is running Stars V.2.14 on a Dell NT 4.0 server. All users to the program are in other buildings. The main office is 1.5+ miles away to the west, the Pass & Tag office is 1.5+ miles away to the north. The system seems so slow in retrieving and closing records. Just wondering if anyone else out there is working in a similar environment. Would love to hear from you and what you are experiencing. Thank you for your input.
07:06 2/6/01 - Steve Wilson, NCTAMSLANT Pensacola Det., Code N1541 <>
Pensacola has one last suggestion for your comments. There is a form OPNAV 5527/1a (2-83) named DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY TRAFFIC ACCIDENT REPORT that would be nice to have in the database of STARS. Accidents records could be retained electronically and the reports could be printed for those who need them. There needs to be the ability to add more than 2 automobiles involved, more occupants than are allowed on the form, more drivers as sometimes we have as many as 6 or more vehicles involved. So, we need accomodations for up to 6 vehicles per incident. Have faxed a copy of the form to ZOA for review and possible inclusion.
07:08 1/10/01 - Steve Wilson / Pensacola <>
This is a repost. Pensacola would like to propose a couple of suggestions-1. personnel search by SSN and 2. management reports for the security department head. On the personnel search, Pensacola finds it more succinct to search for an individual by the SSN vice name. Our system is so slow that it takes about 30+ seconds to find the list of names. Then you have to scroll through the filtered list of names to find the particular person. To retrieve that record takes another 30+ seconds before you can view the persons record to make any changes. We are running NT4 with T1 lines. The bandwidth is limited, this causes problems and sometimes records get out of sync. To be fair to our customers and users alike, we would like to programmatically eliminate all the searching. We can go directly to the record if we can select by SSN. The second issue is to provide security management with information that is helpful in managing people. Pensacola has created some reports that tell how many tickets were issued within a specified timeframe. Another report tells how many tickets were written in a section and what most of them were for. Basically, the manager clicks on a desired report, he inputs the parameters by which he wishes information and a report is provided in a preview method. He can select to close the report or print it for reference. I. E., he wants to know how many tickets were written on a specific area within which dates. He specifies the location and the beginning and ending dates. The report reflects all occurences of that area within that date range. Maybe, other stations will have other needs for similiar reports or other information. It would be great to hear your responses.
07:01 1/10/01 - Steve Wilson / Pensacola <>
This is a repost of the former suggestions as to automating the repair/compact procedure. Pensacola would like to have options built into the STARS program so that the administrator can set up a standard time for automatically runnning the repair/compact during non-peak hours. Our proposal is that on the NT system we can time a broadcast message to all users in that user group. After a specified time, we can send a second message, terminate all connections to users in that group, run the repair/compact process, write all errors to an error log (thanks to Jim for this suggestion) and then NT can broadcast the third message that the users can sign back in. Pensacola runs the repair/compact process daily. This eliminates most system errors with all the processing occurring. With 31 users, 60k+ vehicles registered, 40K+ registered personnel and all the communications and dispatch logs growing at a very high rate, we need to perform this operation on a daily basis. The proposed method is much preferred to the present method of calling all the people requesting that they exit the STARS program, check the perlock, icrlock and sfwusers text files to ensure all users are off before you can start the repair/compact process. Thank you for considering this suggestion and I would greatly appreciate hearing from you concerning this proposal.
06:50 1/10/01 - Steve Wilson / Pensacola <>
Thank you, Jim, for putting this back up.
06:33 1/10/01 - NCTAMSLANT Pensacola Det, Code N154 <>
The STARS user forum was down during December, but it's back on-line again. Any postings made during December were lost. Sorry.
14:54 1/8/01 - jim stifler / zoa consulting <>
Running ver 2.10 with no major problems noted in last 8 days. Ran ver 2.099 with no major problems for 2 weeks. However, we noticed the sorting of ICR#'s has returned to sorting 99 first, then 00, requiring us to always resort the ICR #'s. Secondly, the STARS admin login is still unable to change its password. We need to change the password every so often to keep in compliance with DOD regulations. Can you please fix this or tell us how to reset the password. Thanks for the fixes in the Relations table and US possession blocks. New email address in two weeks:
05:22 6/27/00 - MA1 Boniface/NAS Corpus Christi <>
NS Ingleside has upgraded their STARS to version 2.10 and reports that the problems that they detected earlier have all been corrected. Thanks very much to Robert Martinez and Michael Candiracci for bringing these problems to our attention so that they could be fixed.
16:37 6/26/00 - Jim Stifler / ZOA Consulting <>
Version 2.08 & 2.099 have program glitches. Had to bring Naval Station Ingleside back to version 2.07 in order to have a stable environment to work in the Stars program. So be aware that running the lastest version doesn't always mean that this version will be a better solution. Think twice before upgrading your version of Stars. Currently back on version 2.07 which is working fine for us. If you are thinking of upgrading, email me and I will try to let you know of the problems we encountered.
11:09 6/15/00 - Robert Martinez / Naval Station Ingleside TX <>
Currently running version 2.099. Is there any other command having problems with adding a vehicle description in the STARS program.
11:56 6/12/00 - Robert Martinez <>
Is anyone having any problems with version 2.099? Currently running version: 2.07
14:05 6/7/00 - Robert Martinez / Naval Station Ingleside <>
Just curious as to other users of Stars version 1.46 experiencing problems with multiple user input. It seems here in Pensacola, that either we are doing something wrong or the program will not allow us to work in our traditional way. Inputting records (adding new ones) will allow the first clerk input. While the others are inputting, all seems well. Going back to review or edit the last record causes a real scare as the data is not there - only the decal number. So, is there something that our users are doing wrong. We need to allow at least 8 inputs simultaneously. Also, when inputting or editing the vehicle records (pullup from the personnel record - blue) only one clerk can input at a time. Our mistake or what? Would appreciate any feedback from other users on how to work around. Thank you.
13:08 6/5/00 - Steve Wilson /NCTAMSLANT Det. Pensacola (At NAS Pensacola) <>
ZOA Consulting is currently working with NS San Diego on a regional implementation of STARS. We hope to have a regional STARS installed in San Diego by November 2000. This version will be an SQL application intended for San Diego's wide area NT network. This SQL STARS will be followed six months later by an HTML version of STARS for use on an intranet.
09:15 5/17/00 - Jim Stifler / ZOA Consulting <>
How is the project coming along for the internet connecting of different bases in one region? NAS Corpus Christi, NAS Kingsville and NAVSTA Ingleside are about to become Navy Region South Texas. We would like to combine our information databases, but not the ICR's(yet). Is this how your system will be able to work?
07:34 5/15/00 - Boniface <>
Yes it is a minor "bug". I have sent it to our programmers. Thanks for your continued support and feedback.
07:40 4/27/00 - Kevin <>
Possible Bug in Reports. We keep checking the US Possession Block on Page #1, the screen Shows the block checked, but it prints on the report as the other block being checked.
We are using Stars 2.07 and the major problem we are facing is whenever we use the victim's block, it takes more than 10 minutes to close. Are you having the same problem?
The problem with the printing of the Incident Numbers in the wrong place on pages 2-4 of the Incident Report has been corrected in version 2.07. Please download the updated version. If this printing problem -- or any other similar problem -- persists, be sure to let us know.
09:23 3/15/00 - Jim Stifler / ZOA Consulting <>
Is there any other command having problems printing the ICR's ....we are currently running version 2.05...the second page of the ICR will print the ICR NUMBER vertically on page two til the end of the ICR report....Thanks
5:54 2/11/00 - Robert Martinez Naval Station Ingleside, TX <>
We are currently using version 2.03 and it seems as all is well....only problem we have is the ICR's will print a vertical line indicating the icr number on the second page on til the end of the ICR.
6:22 2/8/00 - Robert Martinez Naval Station Ingleside <>
Same problem discovereed recently at NAS Corpus Christi. NT4 Server/95+98 Work Stations, version 1.45 S.T.A.R.S. Total loss of any updates due to lack of another option then "OK" to this message. E-mailed Jim about this problem. Waiting for response. Any one else trying out the new version 2.00. Discovered any problems or tricks. I have done offline testing online but found an increase in DECAL records search from 5min40sec to 10sec or the net.
5:11 1/21/00 - MA1 Boniface, NAS Corpus Christi <>
We recently began experiencing "data loss" when updating ICRs. When the user has completed entering the data & click Close, the program would display a msg indicating another user has the report open when there actually is no other user. In the past, the program wouldn't allow another user in at the same time. The following error msg displays on the user screen: (DATA ALERT) This record is currently open for use by user user 'admin' on machine 'U41005. Subj user is in WINSTARS but in another ICR or a different module of the program. Our users are exiting the program properly. We are running version 1.043 Has any of you experienced such a condition in any WINSTARS version? Our LAN is a NT 4.0 network with NT 4.0 workstations with our hard drive configured entirely as NTFS. Any IDEAS???
10:35 1/20/00 - Harriet Knox/ CPF-RITSC Pearl Harbor <>
Anyone having any problems with the newer release of S.T.A.R.S. (1.043 after June 1999) now called version 1.044, specifically with date problems, should first check the following items. 1. Go into the windows "CONTROL PANEL", then "REGIONAL SETTINGS" then the "DATE" block and ensure the computer is set for "YYYY/MM/DD" and not the windows default of "YY/MM/DD". This was one of Microsoft's stupid non-Y2K ready issues that needs to be fixed on all Windows 3.X, 9X and NT systems. 2. Using the computer with a problem, go to WWW.WINDOWSUPDATE.MICROSOFT.COM. Early editions of Windows 3X/9X/NT are not Y2K complaint with third party software like "LOTUS/VISUAL BASIC" applications. This web site will tell you what updates are availible for your computer. Not all of them are needed. Look for any "USER PAK" or "2000" files to update your system. (Sorry but you must have internet access for this or order the CD-ROM from the same site. I have been waiting four weeks and still don't have the disk.) I completed these steps (WITH NO HELP OR INFO FROM OUR ISD/MISO PEOPLE) last week. I tested my STARS with only one error and that is the ICR #, the way the FBI wanted it, is not Y2K ready. It uses only a 2 digit 99,00 instead of 4 digits 1999,2000 like it should. The FBI/NCIS will need to tell ZOA how they want this problem fixed so ICR's can read 2000-UIC-0001 instead of 00-UIC-0001. Any questions, feel free to call me at AV 861-2627 or COM 361-961-2627.
8:40 1/3/00 - MA1 Boniface, NAS Corpus Christi <>
I am writing you again to let you all know that everything on our STARS computer is back to normal after the download of the "Quick Update".
12:11 1/5/00 - MA2(SW) John R. Justiniano / USS Wasp (LHD-1) <JUSTINIA@WASP.NAVY.MIL / TIANAJAY@AOL.COM>
Using STARS (1.044) on Windows 3.1 presented a problem when 2000 arrived. Editing and printing Desk Journal entries became near impossible because STARS would make the year 1999 into the year 2099. The quick fix for this was to enter the "Control" panel, and change the date on the computer to 31DEC99, and then edit/print. After doing this, we would then have to change the date back to the normal date (sounds like more wor than needed?). Well we just downloaded the "Quick Update", and hopefully, this will fix it.
6:16 1/3/00 - MA2(SW) John R. Justiniano / USS Wasp (LHD-1) <JUSTINIA@WASP.NAVY.MIL / TIANAJAY@AOL.COM>
On 02JAN00 we had a problem with editing DJ entries. We were given a message that we could not edit because it was before our date list in the can not change entries before block. By changing the date to 01JAN1900 the problem was fixed. (Y2K problem perhaps?)
6:15 1/2/00 - AT3 Crawford, Nicholos, D. / NAS JRB NOLA
The incident numbers used with the NIBRS Incident Report form start with the last two digits of the year. This format is inherently ambiguous. That is, one cannot be absolutely sure that an incident whose number starts with "00" occurred in the year 2000. To address this problem, we modified a STARS index today. With version 1.045, when you view the case list where incidents are listed in descending order by incident number, the ones starting with 00 will precede those starting with 99.
15:37 1/5/00 - Jim Stifler / ZOA Consulting <>
Since the roll over to 2000, the ICR's program will not sort the ICR's, by date, to the top of the page automatically, you have to manually go to the top and sort them by date. Has anyone figured out how to have the program sort them? It is not the biggest problem, but I can see operator error messing something up. BZ to Jim and the staff, the program rolled into 2000, without any major problems.
12:31 1/1/00 - Naval Submarine Base Bangor, Silverdale, WA <>
Dear Anonymous, Please be assured that we are definitely here! This forum is for STARS users to discuss issues with each other, as well as to make suggestions in a public way to ZOA Consulting. We don't always respond to every posting. Responses are normally handled through email to the person who posted the question or comment. Occasionally you will see something posted if it is pertinent to many users. I've just returned from CINCPACFLT's annual Force Protection Conference in Pearl Harbor where I previewed the next release of STARS. It will be a 32-bit version with Access 2000 data structures. This means that it will have faster performance and tighter data security. Also, we have been working with NCTS Washington to create a thin client version which will allow access through a web page. Regional issues have been time consuming as well.
21:37 11/3/99 - Jim Stifler / ZOA Consulting <>
There have been no updates to the STARS program for 5 months (updates had previously been issued very often). There have been no forum responses from Zoa for eight months. Is anyone still home?
12:53 10/29/99 - Anonymous user / NWAS Corona CA
Mr. Stifler, in The Field Interview card remarks section, it is not enough space to explain an incident. Since this box is used to give details of events, and it is also a great source to keep track of incidents on our base, we would like to know if this program can be updated. Thank you
3:50 9/23/99 - MA3 Bayona, J. / NSB kings Bay Sec. Dept. <>
Storage area is of major concern whenever digital photo's are used. Photographing all vehicle owners on base would result in an unwieldly database and a crash prone network.
22:20 8/27/99 - FT1(SS) Blakley <>
How does your information system division or ISD department conduct maintenance on the Stars program? (Back-ups of the program, repair and compact of the database and how often). Please send me email on how your department conducts maintenance on this program. Thank You
14:22 8/27/99 - Robert Martinez / Naval Station Ingleside <>
Our Command has just recently begun using the Traffic Citation funtion of STARS. I was surprised to see that traffic violations aren't "linked" to specific vehicles in STARS. I realize that a visitor (i.e., without a DoD decal on their vehicle and therefore not shown in STARS) can get a traffic ticket just as easily as anyone else. Perhaps assigning a STARS violation to a STARS vehicle can be made possible, but not mandatory? And some of the vehicle information (make, model, etc) can appear on the Traffic Citation report. On a similar subject... Can the Remarks field of a traffic violation appear on the Trafic Citation report? The report would probably have to be made landscape to include the additional information, but it would be beneficial. And can the sort-order for the Citation Report be changed when the report is generated?
12:5 5/10/99 - David Enoch/NWAS Corona CA <>
With all realignment of bases and combining of commands, i.e. regionalization, there is a need for some bases to share major amount of data with others. Is there a way we can export all of our Personnel, Vehicle, Weapons, Pets, Housing, Traffic information and then import into another bases WINSTARS program without damaging or overwriting their information. We would want this data appended to the original information, including the possibility that a person on one base registered different vehicles on different bases using the same SSN. Major concern for NAS Kingville, NAVSTA Ingleside and NAS Corpus Christi as of September this year. San Diego and other area I am sure would love to have this ability.
10:55 4/14/99 - MA1 Gregory F Boniface <>
Our command maintains a registry of pets on station. Stars for Windows has tables for weapons, vehicles, traffic tickets, and field interview. Does any other command register pets? I was wondering if another table could be added for pets. Fields might include type of pet, color, tag no.. Thanks.
11:9 2/10/99 - K. T. (Skeeter) Armstrong, NSWC, Dahlgren Division <>
Mr. Stifler, We have noticed that on the enclosure page of the ICR it is possible to insert photographs. Is this a difficult procedure? Also, using a digital camera, would it be feasible to have an area of the program to bring up the picture of someone in question when verifying the owner of a vehicle, or owner of a weapon, etc.? The question has arisen: is it possible to maintain photographs of all personnel who have registered their vehicle with our Pass and ID office.
11:12 2/3/99 - Gwen Lowe, Naval Station Everett Security <>
I agree with the comment about traffic accidents. We also run stats on these. Also, is there any way something can be done with the Police Blotter to run stats from it as well. Something like the filters/quaries you have for ICR's
9:2 1/12/99 - NAWS China Lake <>
I have noticed STARS program does not have a particular code assigned for Traffic Accidents (which fall under the too generic category of "All Other Offenses" coded 90Z). Since Traffic Accidents constitute one of our major number of complaints and since we often run statistics on those, might it be possible to have assigned a specific code? Might it also be possible to enlarge the space "Other" in the Distribution box "Section XI Administrative Disposition?" Your focus on these matters would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
See version 1.042. We've changed the display fonts per your suggestion. This will allow you to get a more WYSIWYG result on the printed narrative block. Thanks for the suggestion.
8:00 2/2/99 - Jim Stifler/ZOA Consulting <>
Please change the font in the Narrative section, at least, to Courier so we can have true WYSIWYG. Tabs and columns would be a lot easier to format.
0:21 12/16/98 - R. BORGES/NAVMAGLLL SECDET <>
Hi, It's me again. Inside the "Status Code" configuration panel, there is actualy numbers set up for "Report of Action" from commands. I think this is great because we still want to use them, but there is nothing in the new ICR to check or request a report of action from the suspects command. Since no new instruction has hit the street yet and no clear guidance from the Navy (except use the new ICR) has been given about the new ICR - Do you know what the story with this is? Also, in the narrative window of the ICR, what you see is not exactly what prints out. Since this is not a word proccessor and we can't use things such as Tabs and Margins, we are experiencing problems with the printed report. It would be much easier if what the patrolmen actually type in the screen would print that way. Any suggestions? Do you for see any possible functions being designed for statisticts in the blotter for items such as Race/Gender/type of citations issued etc?
14:24 12/1/98 - Captain J. Morgan / China Lake, CA <>
By popular request, we've added a Find function that will allow you to do "background checks" and more on your ICR data. You can now enter a name, SSN or even tatoo description to search your ICR database for previous occurences of this information. Please download version 1.041 and let us know if this Find function will meet your needs. Meanwhile, we're working on improving the Find function contained in the Personnel modules.
12:31 11/23/98 - Jim Stifler / ZOA Consulting <>
Currently a person with "view" only permission must use the print button to "view" and/or print an IR. Your suggestion for a "view button" is being evaluated for inclusion into future revisions of STARS. In the meantime, please use the Print button to print preview the IR. The permissions associated with a user whose access is set to view, edit, add and delete incident reports is confusing and will be remedied by the programmers. In the interim, give your officers IR Administrative permissions. They will be able to view, edit, add and delete IR's without access to any other areas not assigned.
19:44 9/13/98 - mccracken <>
I thank there is some confusion on my email in reference to "View." There is NO view button for anybody! The only button available for anybody to view the ICR is the edit button. Also, there appears to still be a problem with the permissions/user security program. I assigned my officers permission to view, edit, add ICR's, but it still will not allow them to add a ICR. I had to go back in the program and give them full complete access to everything in order to add ICR's.
15:30 9/13/98 - MAC Morgan/NAWS China Lake <>
Your suggestion really encompasses two great ideas. 1) The idea of including a messaging/e-mail system within STARS. 2) The creation of a pass down system for Watch Commanders. Both ideas would be especially useful to the Chain of Command. In the interim, make your pass down between Watch Commanders an information entry in the Desk Journal. After it is read by the oncoming watch it could be deleted or left to become part of the official record of events. In the future there could be a choice in the defaults section to turn the printing of pass down items on or off. Your interest and suggestion is appreciated and continues to make STARS the program of choice for Security Departments worldwide.
8:33 9/11/98 - mccracken <>
Dr. Stifler, The Security Departments have a general system of "Pass Down". Would it be possible to include a note pad type data base file with STARS for Windows? This would provide the ability of the Chain of Command and Watch Commanders to pass the information to each other and provide information on daily events at a touch of a button like the other data bases you have built. I believe this system has a lot more potential for the future.
First my apologies for not responding sooner to your concerns. I know that Jim has e-mailed you directly with a response to some of the issues you addressed. This posting is to further clarify and make available to other users the answers to your questions. A user with 'view' only permission may not open an IR in the edit view. They may open the IR in 'print preview'. This gives them a view of the detail blocks which would not be available to them in the edit view. Your finding the typographical error in the race column for statistics is most appreciated. Your suggestion for including the noun name of a crime in the statistical report is a good one and will be considered for inclusion into future revisions of STARS. With regard to tracking warnings and citations... when a warning is given enter warning or other text into the citation # field. 'Attach' the starsdb.mdb/traffic table and create any custom reports desired. STARS for Windows is a true Visual Basic Windows application and you may use the above procedure for 'attaching' any table in STARS. Also, the data may be imported and converted to later versions of Access for the purpose of creating custom reports.
8:46 9/10/98 - mccracken <>
A couple of comments on some minor items that I would like to see if it's possible to change. 1. When you open the ICR window, there is no view button for anybody to just review the ICR. They must click the "Edit" button to view the ICR. 2. In the statistics windows, if you use race in a column for statistics, the race of "White" is spelled "ite." Bug? 3. When performing statistics and using crime in a column, you see the crime code i.e. "1**" Is it possible to have a choice of using the crime code or crime name. I would like to be able to use the noun name because many people would not know what the crime code is such as the CO. 4. Is it possible to have some sort of a statistics function developed for traffic citations. It would be very helpful to be able to show the ratio of warnings to actual citations issued in some sort of statistical analysis. Lastly, Jim thanks for your help and patience with my frustrations as listed in my last email to you. You and your staff are professionals and I understand your difficulty in providing this product at a short notice. I for one think this new ICR format is poor and difficult to read at best, especially for those folks not in the LE community. It is just difficult to be in the field and not be asked for input from the decision makers prior to developing this form. I don't know if others share this frustration with me. Considering the requirements placed on you and your staff, you have provided a very good product. I kind of wish we could stay with the old ICR.
8:18 9/1/98 - MAC Morgan <>
Have you talked with your system administrator? Most LAN's are configured to lock out users when no activity has been detected for a certain period. Its purpose is to protect the security of the LAN and your user profile. If you have determined that STARS is causing the lock out we will need more information. Please contact us directly with the details.
16:31 8/19/98 - mccracken <>
I'm using WinStars on the Security LAN , The system (WinStars) keeps locking up when I leave it open with no activity for extended periods of time (15 mins or more). Is anyone else having this problem.
13:25 8/19/98 - Ed Lanning/ NAS Fort Worth, JRB <>
The remarks column in the Traffic Citation module would be a good field to indicate the type of citation. STARS for Windows is a true Visual Basic Windows application. You may "attach" the database in Access 2.0 or import the raw data into a later version of Access to create any custom reports desired. If you need help doing this, feel free to contact us here at ZOA Consulting directly.
19:31 8/18/98 - mccracken <>
Jim, Here at Naval Air Station, Fort Worth JRB, we issue two types of traffic tickets. The DD Form 1408 (Armed Forces Traffic Ticket) and DD Form 1805 (United States District Court, Violation Notice). We would like to see a block added to WinStars that would allow us to note which form was issued. Also print out reports that show both types of ticket. Thanks Ed Lanning Security Asst Nas Ft. Worth, JRB
7:57 8/18/98 - Ed Lanning / Naval Air Station, Fort Worth, JRB <>
The selection of two quick text entries may be selected. Remember that the code used to identify the body of the text is not added just the quick text. Additional comments/entries may be added by simply typing the text before or after the quick text. As a side note, and to other users, the behavior of tab in the IR narrative is not working as it should. Until this can be addressed in future revisions use 'ctrl tab'.
20:42 8/4/98 - mccracken <>
Dear sir, I am at Naval Weapons Station Concord and we just got the new stars, I have a question with the com log is there a way to enter two quick text items on the same line? for example: "pwc code-4//commence checking exchange" as the second entry varies we do not desire to add to the quick text. thank you.
16:18 8/3/98 - SH2(SW) BORO Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach Concord Det. <>
1. Your suggestion will be evaluated for inclusion into future revisions. In the interim try putting the CVC code after the offense description. It will be less confusing. 2. Putting the actual address into the location block will not keep you from generating statistics. 3. Many text and word wrapping issues were addressed in the later versions of STARS. I need to know which version you were using when the text bleed-over occurred and if upgrading to Ver. 1.037 helped 4. Your ORI number is changed in the following manner: From the menu bar go :Configure, program defaults, site registration. You will need to contact ZOA directly for a code to allow editing of your ORI.
17:0 7/29/98 - Anonymous user <>
Jim, We have discovered a couple of problems I hope you can assist us on. 1. In the "Offense Data" field under the offense description, the offense code prints for an example,"90D-Driving Under the Influence." My problem is that we process all DUI's in civilian courts through our District Attorney. When we attempt to place the Vehicle Code section in the field it prints like so,"90D-23152(a/b) CVC. This is a problem and can be confusing. Is there a way to put another field between Statutory Basis and Offense description for just the offense code to separate the code and offense? 2. In the Location Address field, you have standard data for input. If we enter a location (exact address) will this prevent us from running any kind of stats instead of using the default locations? 3. On page (2) under the "Other Identifying Marks" field, we typed in "2 silver racing stripes on top." The typing continued out of the field causing a bleed over into other fields after printing. We have an ORI number of "CA0151300" How can I get this into the system as a default ORI number instead of typing it in each individual report.
8:56 7/28/98 - MAC J.S. Morgan <>
Jim, I'm sorry I've always addressed you as a common person, I never realized you were a Doctor! Keep up the good work, the troops love every update.
20:20 7/21/98 - Commoner <>
Dr. Stifler... I have a couple of questions. (1) The edit controls you wrote into the IR narrative are greatly appreciated, would it be too difficult to add the same options into the Desk Journal? (2) We are utilizing Winstars on a network and are having difficulty performing system maintenance due to the high number of users in various locations on the base. We cannot make any changes to the main .MDB when another user is logged in, and cannot lock other users out when preparing to make changes. Is there some way this can be resolved, perhaps through an admin generated warning message and program lock out? (3) An individual IR can be printed from the IR main list. Can the desk journal be designed to print in the same way (without having to enter inclusive dates and times)? Thanks
15:50 7/21/98 - John T. Scott / NAS Whidbey Island CID <>
What were the changes in 1.035?
13:8 7/21/98 - Naval Submarine Base Bangor, Silverdale, WA., Security Police Department <>
is the new version of stars set up to have the spell check feature upgraded with a dictionary on cd-rom like word and wordperfect do?
22:45 7/20/98 - SUBASE/ASW <MGALLEN788@AOL.COM>
I have just discovered the Randomizer in the Reports menu. What a great idea to incorporate this in the program. As usual I have a suggestion and or question. We do our administrative vehicle inspections for incoming and outgoing traffic. Would you consider adding one more field to this report that would randomly generate In/Out code. Also, could an extra line be placed between each entry so the report could be cut apart easily and placed in envelopes for the police officers to open on the day of the inspection? Thanks for considering these suggestions.
7:30 7/7/98 - K. T. (Skeeter) Armstrong <>
I have just downloaded the newest version of STARS for Windows. Is there a utility that will allow me to import digital photographs into STARS documents? I haven't found it yet and we are creating a ship-wide photo database.
7:33 6/27/98 - MA1 Tom Streeter/USS FRANK CABLE (AS-40) <>
This message comes from Diego Garcia a little island 7 degrees south of the equator in the Indian Ocean mail here is very, very slow. Our command is Naval Support Facility Diego Garcia, Security Detachment. We have not received the new version of stars and we desperately need it. can we download it from the web or do we have to go through the mail. If we order it through the mail it could take a month. Please advise. MA2(SW) Eric E. Phillips.
1:16 6/19/98 - MA2(SW) Eric E Phillips/Naval Support Facility, Diego Garcia, Security Detachment <ma2 eric phillips>
It would be beneficial to our command if you could incorporate search fields by: Case Control Numbers, Last Name, Aliases, Social Security Number, Location, Crime Code, Report Date, Disposition, Serial Numbers and Identifying marks of items stolen and Identifying marks of suspects. I know that we can do a search for some of these in the list, but would it be possible to incorporate a search engine that would allow for all of the searches that we need? I have used the old STARS system and it seems that you could perform more searches than with this system. Also with the old system if searched a persons name it would mark all of the ICR's that the person was included in. If in the search engine you could incorporate something that would tell you how many reports that the individual was involved with.
12:38 6/16/98 - MA1 Brian M. Neal / Naval Air Station Jacksonville, FL <>
Good Morning, Thanks for incorporating some of the changes I suggested in WINSTARS. I have not yet updated Version to version 1.017, but I was still getting error messages when I imported ICR data from one computer to the other. The messages I am getting are as follows: Couldn't find input table or query tblPeopleArrest Error 3078 Error Function MIDIMain Table Port PeopleArrest Couldn't find input table or query tblPeopleDescription Error 3078 Error Function MIDIMain Table Port PeopleDescription Couldn't find input table or query tblPeopleOffense Error 3078 Error Function MIDIMain Table Port PeopleOffense These messages pop up for each ICR you are trying to load and it takes a long time to get through them if you have more than 1 ICR you are importing. Thanks Again for a good product.
5:15 6/12/98 - K. T. (Skeeter) Armstrong/NSWCDD/Dahlgren Virginia <>
Another good suggestion. We have reworked several areas of our website to make it easier to find the answers to questions most asked, including the version number.
04:32 5/20/98 - Jim Stifler, ZOA Consulting <>
I think it would be helpful if you would post the current version of STARS for Windows available for download. The DOS download says what version, i.e. STARS for DOS, version 1.62 (350kb). The download link for STARS for Windows just says STARS for Windows, it doesn't give the version number.
6:33 5/19/98 - Skeeter Armstrong/ NSWCDL <>
Your suggestion is a good one, especially since the officer list already contains the duty station of the officer. We've implemented this change in version 0.95.
14:32 5/18/98 - Jim Stifler, ZOA Consulting <>
While using the STARS for Windows program this morning, I noticed in Section VIII a pick list for police officers. When you select an officer from the list, the program automatically inserts first name and rank. Since Duty Station/Employer and Badge No. will generally remain the same, it would be nice if you could add those to fields to the Officer's List table and have them automatically insert in the form.
8:55 5/13/98 - Skeeter Armstrong/NSWCDD Code CD293 <>
STARS for Windows stores its data in an MDB file that can be manipulated using Access 2.0. This is a primitive version of Access compared to Access 97. We deliberately chose to use the old Access so that STARS for Windows would run on Windows 3.1. As the Navy upgrades to 32-bit systems, we will upgrade STARS for Windows to use Access 97 database files.
12:55 5/12/98 - Jim Stifler, ZOA Consulting <>
We currently have a number of MS Access databases we are using to track traffic violations, decals, weapons, and animal registration. I would like to attempt to import some of this data to the tables within STARS FOR WINDOWS; however, I am using MS Office 97 and the Stars program is written in an earlier version of MS Access. My question is will it be possible to import this data into the Stars tables without fouling up your program; if it is possible, we will need to know what version of Access was used to create the program. I thought there might be other folks out there with the same thought? Thanks for another great product.
10:13 5/12/98 - K. T. (Skeeter) Armstrong/Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division, Dahlgren Site <>
Yes, STARS for Windows does all the cutting and pasting you'd expect it to do as a true Visual Basic Windows application. However, we won't let you do it to underline, italicize, boldface or change fonts. That would allow too many variations in the appearance of your finished 5527/1 form and NCIS says they don't want that. But, in all other respects, you should find that the cutting and pasting in the narrative is worlds beyond what you could do in the old STARS for DOS.
10:15 4/24/98 - Jim Stifler, ZOA Consulting <>
Will the new version of STARS have word processor type editing functions (i.e., cut and paste, drag and drop, etc.) for the narrative sections? This would really be a GREAT feature for our officers.
7:14 4/24/98 - Cecelia Krahling, Indian Head Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center <>
Thanks for the feedback. Problem fixed. Please give it a try now.
8:44 4/22/98 - Jim Stifler, ZOA Consulting <>
Just wanted to let you know that I could not download Disk3 of the new stars. It gave a message of "invalid handle" also the same for the administrators guide of the dos version. Otherwise thanx for the beta version
10:48 4/23/98 - NTC orlando Fl.
Another good suggestion. Look for traffic citation statistics in STARS for Windows by October.
8:44 4/22/98 - Jim Stifler, ZOA Consulting <>
The Windows version looks outstanding. I would like to know if there is anyway to run statistics on traffic citations. Could there be a QuickText portion for information about traffic citations and could there be a popup window for anybody who receives a total of 12 points in one year to 18 points in 24 months.
12:31 4/10/98 - Jeff Morgan/NAWS China Lake <>
We designed STARS for DOS so that any PEOPLE associated with a primary ICR report would automatically be linked to any supplemental reports. In order for this design to be implemented, we had to allow the reverse to work as well, that is, that any people added to a supplemental report are automatically included in the primary report. The linkage of the PEOPLE (block 16) data is the only part of the ICR that automatically changes.
8:42 4/22/98 - Jim Stifler, ZOA Consulting <>
We are currently using STARS for Dos. I have noticed when a supplemental report is done from an existing ICR number, any changes made to the Page 1 on the supplemental report automatically changes the data entered on the original ICR. Is there any way this can be avoided? Thank You.
20:16 4/9/98 - Curtis Webb/NAS Lemoore Security Detachment <>
STARS for Windows will be initially released as a 16-bit Visual Basic application. It will run on Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95 or NT. For hardware, we recommend a minimum of 8mb RAM, 486/66. Please feel free to download a beta copy to test performance on your hardware.
13:5 4/6/98 - Jim Stifler, ZOA Consulting <>
What are the minimum requirements for STARS for windows? What windows format are you programming for? (Win 3.1/'95/NT)
11:29 4/3/98 - Scott Oney, Subase San Diego <>
I have a suggestion for location codes. Currently in Stars and Stars for Windows there are 999 numbers available for use. Here at Dahlgren we are very close to needing additional codes. Is it practical to increase the number available to 9999 or am I the only one that seems to be having this problem.
4:58 2/20/98 - K. T. (Skeeter) Armstrong/NSWC, Dahlgren Division <>
Good suggestion. A drop list for UICS and commands will be added to the system in STARS for Windows. In this way, any person associated with an incident (victim, witness, arrestee, etc.) can have his/her UIC and Command name filled in quickly.
8:19 2/9/98 - Jim Stifler, ZOA Consulting <>
I recently downloaded version 1.62 and found a database for recording UICs. I think it would be helpful if a drop down list could be added to block 16. This would make entering the UIC much easier, especially when there are numerous tenant commands that are provided Security functions by the host.
9:43 2/6/98 - K. T. (Skeeter) Armstrong, NSWCDD <>
This is an unbelievable product!!! I have been using the DOS version and have yet to try the windows product. I am going to download it as soon as it's available and see if it is as good as the Dos version. Thank you for providing the great service and support.
10:12 1/31/98 - USS Shiloh (CG 67)
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11:24 12/30/97 - Jim Stifler / ZOA Consulting <>