Version 2.11

July 11, 2000 -- The 32-bit version of STARS for Windows has now been in use with live data at several Navy commands since December. During this time, various bugs and installation problems have been corrected. As of this date, we have officially removed the "for testing purposes only" notice on version 2.xx and declare this version ready for general use. If all the workstations in your security department are running Windows 95 or higher, please feel free to upgrade to this new release of STARS at your convenience.

The main difference between version 1.xx and 2.xx of STARS is the speed of the application. This new STARS is a 32-bit application written in Visual Basic 6.0, which employs an Access 2000 database as its file format. You should notice at least a 50% improvement in speed. You will also notice an improvement over version 1.xx in the stability of the database, requiring less frequent use of the database repair utility.

If you use STARS 2.xx, we recommend that you purchase and install Access 2000. You may find Access useful for creating add-on queries and reports using your STARS data. You can also use Access 2000 to import data from external databases into STARS.

As always, if you encounter any errors with this new version of STARS or if you have any suggestions as to how we can improve our product, please notify us via email. To see a full description of the changes that have been made in this current new release, please see the version log. Whether your command is using a paid-up copy of STARS for Windows or a temporary trial copy, please download a program update at our download page.