Regional webSTARS

April 27, 2001 -- Today, Dr. Jim Stifler and Mr. Jon Kilburn met with computer specialists and division heads of SPAWAR at the Washington Navy Yard. The purpose for this meeting was to demonstrate a preview of the next major release of STARS.

webSTARS is designed as a web application to be run within Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher. There will be many significant changes in this next version of STARS, including the ability to handle large amounts of data with a large number of users in an Oracle database and to accomodate shared access by users from multiple commands (UICS).

webSTARS is scheduled for initial release at the regional level in 2002. During the coming year, we will be creating, programming and completing this software. As we develop STARS, we invite you to take a look at the software at any time. Just click here to visit webSTARS in progress.

To login to webSTARS, you will need to request a user ID and password by sending an email to stifler@zoa.com.