STARS for Windows previewed at Physical Security Review Board

Software demonstration and status report

October 22, 1997 -- Dr. Stifler met with senior security officers of CINCPACFLT at NAS Pearl Harbor where he gave a 30-minute presentation about STARS for Windows. This presentation was followed by a 40-minute question and answer session about STARS's features and requirements.

Dr. Stifler reviewed the advantages of using STARS in terms of standardized reporting, improved crime statistics and manpower savings. STARS for Windows was shown to have all the capabilities of STARS for DOS, yet with a full Windows GUI. This interface includes, for example, the ability to open the CommLog and Desk Journal simultaneously in tiled windows and to cut and paste entries between the two windows.

STARS for Windows will include import function for importing CommLog, Desk Journal and personnel data from STARS for DOS.

The incident reports within STARS for Windows are based on the new NIBRS data formats. With NIBRS, the Incident Report has many new data fields and data tables not found in the old Summary Reporting system used in STARS for DOS. Consequently, there can be no direct import of STARS for DOS incident reports into STARS for Windows.

Suggestions, feedback and discussion

There were many suggestions for further enhancements for STARS.

One major item of discussion concerned the use of STARS to quantify patrolman performance and response statistics. The suggestion was made that the CommLog should contain new fields for the time/date of calls received, dispatched and completed. The data in these fields would be able to be used to provide management summaries by patrolman of the average time required to complete calls.

Additional discussions centered around the new NIBRS data formats, crime classifications and the timetable for rollout of STARS for Windows.

One question was left unanswered as to the format and use of the new 12-character incident sequence number.