Completion of STARS User Forum

STARS User Forum is ready for use

December 30, 1997 -- We estimate that there are now 5,000-10,000 users of STARS at more than 200 licensed sites. It's time to form a STARS users' group and ZOA Consulting will provide a webpage to host this group's comments and feedback.

So, if you have anything you'd like to say about STARS -- good or bad -- please post your comments at the STARS User Forum. It's optional to leave your name, location or email address. Mostly, we want to hear from you and we encourage you to discuss among yourselves ways that you have found STARS useful, ways that you've solved problems with STARS, etc.

The User Forum is pretty simple to use. As you'll see, it has a minimum number of features. Depending on how much this forum gets used, we will dress it up and expand its capabilities.

So, again, please use it ... if only as a guest book. Let us and let others know that you were here.

Thanks very much. Jim Stifler