S*T*A*R*S mention in Sentry magazine

Volume 8, No.4 Spring 1998

April 1, 1998 -- In this month's Sentry magazine, you will find the following article about STARS written by Carlton King (CNOIN09N3) as well as preliminary copies of the new IR forms (OPNAV 5527/1):

Navy to see STARS

Neither a visit from Hollywood nor some astronomical phenomenon, S*T*A*R*S (Security Tools And Reporting System) is the report writing software that is being evaluated for Navy law enforcement use.

Almost all security departments have been independently subscribing to the DOS version of STARS. and now the ZOA Consulting firm has come out with the Windows version. ZOA has the latest version available for downloading directly from its website (http://www.zoa.com).

According to Dr. Jim Stifler, the download will allow you to use the system for about 30 days before you have to make a commitment to either sign on to the program or delete it.

NCIS has reviewed six different records management systems, some developed by DoD counterparts and others developed commercially and available off-the-shelf. Of those reviewed, STARS. seems best suited for the needs of the Navy.

We are now working with Commander, Naval Base San Diego to demonstrate STARS. for the San Diego Region.

At the same time, we are contracting with the Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station, Washington, D.C. to handle the incremental and subsequent full implementation of the Navy's Uniform Crime Reporting System. We hope to have all ships and stations on-line before the year 2003.

In addition to the report writing feature of STARS., security departments will be able to conduct crime trend analysis and performance metrics through the various reports that can be generated from the data contained within the files.

Within STARS are subsystems such as a Communications Log, Desk Journal, Field Interview Card, Vehicle Registration, Housing Files, Weapons Registration and Traffic Summons.