FY13 STARS licensing

October 1, 2013

To: Navy Security Officers and Masters-at-Arms
Navy computer support personnel

For Fiscal Year 2014 (FY14), STARS pricing will remain unchanged. Since central funding is no longer available for software licensing, all commands were required to use local funds to renew their annual STARS software site licenses. Your annual license fee pays for 24/7 tech support and any product updates that may become available.

Contact sales@zoa.com for additional information and to place your renewal order. Your STARS key file will be sent to you as an attachment via email. This key file (named headers.txt), will tell your currently installed copy of STARS that your software site license is paid up through FY14. To install this file, just copy it into the subdirectory where your winstars.exe program file is installed. Be sure that the attached file is named headers.txt so that it will overwrite and replace your existing file of the same name. Since the key file is encrypted, do not attempt to open or edit this file.