Installing STARS for Windows 2.19

Installation Instructions

Installing or upgrading STARS is easy. Click one of these buttons to see instructions.

You can also download an eight-page instruction guide for installing STARS on ISNS workstations in compliance with IT-21 standards. Click here to download this file.

Starting STARS

Whether you are doing a new installation of STARS or updating an existing installation, you now start STARS. If you are updating an existing STARS installation, be sure that all users are logged out of STARS before proceeding further. Double-click the STARS icon. The screen will display a progress bar as it creates and/or modifies your STARS databases for compatibility with the current version. Then, STARS will display a message informing you whether the databases were properly created or updated.

Assuming your installation was successful, click OK and then restart STARS one more time from the STARS icon. If yours is a new installation of STARS for Windows, you will need to enter the program using the standard default master administrator ID and password.

User name: ADMIN
Password: 1234