winSTARS Training

June 18, 2003

To: STARS users and administrators
Navy computer support personnel

winSTARS courses are now available for on-site training using live samples for examples and instruction. General and specific objectives are taught empowering winSTARS users with tools to operate the program more efficiently in adding, finding and editing information and producing reports. ZOA Consulting offers four separate classes for four different types of users. STARS training is offered in both half-day sessions and full-day sessions. Each of these sessions is a self-contained unit. No prerequisites are required. Students are free to select from the sessions and the times that are of interest or appropriate to their job descriptions.

  • Dispatcher Operations (half day session) for Dispatchers and Shift Supervisors:
    • CommLog and Desk Journal
    • Search, find, add and modify records
    • Adding and removing details, date and time changes
    • Assign new ICRs
    • Creating and using QuickText
    • Using the spell-checker
    • Printing reports
    • Enabling status codes for printing filtered Desk Journals
    • Archiving and retrieving old records

  • Pass & Decal Modules (half day session) for Pass & ID administrative staff
    • Inputting new personnel
    • How to avoid duplicate entries by checking for existing entries
    • Updating passes and expiration dates
    • Posting departure dates on records of those who have transferred or retired or whose contract period has expired
    • Adding/changing vehicles
    • Deleting vehicle records with expired decals
    • Maintaining weapons registration
    • Traffic citations and Field Interviews

  • Incident Reporting (half day session) for Patrol Officers, Investigators and Court Officers
    • Incident/Complaint Report
    • Developing the four sections of the ICR
    • Entering individuals associated with an ICR
    • The correct use of the Date Submitted field
    • Tracking report progress via status codes
    • Spell checking the narrative
    • Creating and using ICR QuickText
    • Reviewing Comments
    • NIBRS Fields
    • Printing the ICR
    • Finding and filtering ICRs
    • Statistical reporting features and the Crosstab report
    • Inputting Traffic Citations and Field Interviews
    • Reading the basic CommLog and DeskJournal

  • STARS Administration and Q&A (full day session) for Administrators and IT Support Staff:
    • Technical features and requirements
    • Installing and configuring STARS on the server and on desktops
    • Required program, data and library files
    • Maintenance of users, passwords and permission rights
    • Recovery of lost passwords
    • The function of sfwusers.txt, icrlock.txt and perlock.txt and when to delete or edit these files.
    • The STARS key file (headers.txt)
    • Export and import tools for CommLog, Desk Journal, ICR
    • Archiving data for historical purposes and to improve performance
    • Using Microsoft Access for record corrections and ad hoc reporting
    • Backup procedures
    • Repair of corrupted data files
    • How to download and install upgrades from www.zoa.com
    • Network issues and performance tuning
    • Troubleshooting database and network problems
    • Getting further technical support
General instruction and offerings include but are not limited to:
  • Windows basics of the systems tools for convenience
  • A workbook for each student with adequate details to follow after class
  • Hands on exercises
  • Follow-up answers to questions and support to problems
Specific objectives include but are not limited to:
  • For support personnel:
    • Uses of the CommLog, Desk Journal, Personnel/Vehicle/Weapons/Citations/FI records, Incident Complaint Reports development and Administrative options and tools
    • Determining which files are open and in use, using the combo boxes for Quick Text and other data for accelerated input, using the F4 and arrow keys for data selection
    • Using the spell check in all areas and establishing custom dictionaries
    • Determining who to call for program support and updates
  • For support personnel and administrators:
    • Finding desired records, searching for particular data, editing, deleting and adding new records with instruction on how to prevent duplicate information
    • How to import, export and archive old records
  • For program administrators and supervisors:
    • How to build and maintain reference tables of Quick Text, Location Codes, Crime Codes, and Police Officers
    • How to identify and correct the locking files, license files and the active data files versus the backed up data
    • How to find information on the website about program changes and updates, loading the latest updates to the program
    • How to read the license expiration dates and other valuable site data
  • For program administrators and IT personnel
    • How to compact and repair and the rationale behind it
    • How to install to the server and to the user desktop
    • How to set up the user group on the server
ZOA Consulting's trainers will arrive one day before classes begin to work with local IT personnel to install the necessary software on the desktops and to set up the training room. An enrollment roster will be circulated in advance to determine how many workbooks for each class are needed at class time. Microsoft Office Professional (with Access) will need to be loaded on the desktops to provide instruction on querying and reporting STARS data from within Access.

If you think that this training will benefit your efficiency in the times of manpower reduction, please call Dr. Jim Stifler at 415-566-9949 or send an email to training@zoa.com for prices and schedules.