UCR Reporting Tool Available for STARS

September 26, 2003

To: STARS users
Navy security personnel

You have been directed to comply with interim requirements to report three years of historical crime data to NCIS. In response to this directive, ZOA Consulting has created a reporting tool will allow you to tabulate crime data quickly and easily from your STARS database and to produce the required reports. Your first report was due 22SEP03. Monthly followup reprots are due on 22OCT03 and on the 15th day of each month thereafter.

The version posted here has some minor but important changes, including built-in instructions on how to export the data in this reporting tool to the Excel format required by NCIS. This version replaces previous versions of this reporting tool.

This software tool is provided free of charge to US Navy security departments as part of your S*T*A*R*S software license. You can download this tool and use it to produce the monthly and annual reports required my NCIS. Just click the download button below. The file you are about to download is named UCReport.zip and it is approximately 300kb.

General instructions:

You will need Microsoft Access 2000, XP or 97 in order to use this reporting tool. If you don't have Access 2000, XP or 97, please contact ZOA Consulting so that we can make this tool available in other Access versions.

After you have downloaded UCReport.zip, unzip it and copy it to a convenient location on your local hard disk. When you open UCReport.mdb in Access, you will see a simple menu with detailed instructions, followed by a form where you will input your basic report parameters as required by NCIS.

The UCR reporting tool provided here is a prototype and will probably be improved significantly during the coming weeks. If you have any questions about this tool or have any suggestions for how it can be improved, please contact ZOA Consulting at 415-566-9949 or send an email to support@zoa.com. Thanks for using STARS!