STARS data upload

When to upload data

Your STARS data is contained within a file named STARSDB.MDB. From time to time, this file can become corrupted and/or problems may occur that are best solved by sending your data to ZOA Consulting. You may need to send part or all of this file so that we can examine and/or repair it. If your problems or bugs are limited to a specific day's CommLog, Desk Journal or a few Incident Reports, you do not need to upload your entire STARS database. Use the Tools functions in STARS to export the data that seems to be causing the problem. For example, use Tools / CommLog Utilities to export the CommLog data that does not print properly. If your STARS database seems to be corrupted beyond repair or you have received instructions from ZOA Consulting advising you to submit your entire database, then you should send your zipped STARSDB.MDB file to us for repair.

Step 1 - Zip your database

If your STARSDB.MDB file is larger than 5mb, please use PKZIP or WinZip to compress your file before sending it. For extra security when transmitting your sensitive data, you can use the PKZip or WinZip password protection feature when you create your zip file.

Step 2 - Send your file

There are three ways that you can send your STARS data file to ZOA Consulting:
  • The easiest way to send data to ZOA Consulting for repair is via email. We can accept attachment files up to 10mb. Just address your email to Be sure to include your zipped file as an attachment. Note: Do not email attachment files larger than 10 mb.

  • If your zipped database is more than 10mb, then you'll have to FTP it to our server. Here's how. Click on This will open a new browser window on our server. Then, you can drag and drop your file into this window. It's just like copying a file from one place to another. Be sure to email us to let us know that you've FTP'd your file.

  • If for some reason you can't use Internet Explorer to upload your file, you may also use an FTP utility to upload your data to us. When using an FTP utility, here are your Session Profile parameters:
    Host type:Automatic detect
    User ID:anonymous
    Initial Directories
    Remote Host:/

Step 3 - Await notification and status reports

As soon as we receive your file, we'll send you an email letting you know that we've begun the repair process. While we are repairing your data, please advise your users not to enter any new data into STARS because any updates made in STARS will be overwritten by the repaired database when we return it to you. Natrually, any information transmitted to us will be kept strictly confidential.