webSTARS Information and Updates

December 15, 2004

To: All U.S. Navy security officers and ...
Navy computer support personnel

Three security departments in Navy Region Northwest and two commands in Navy Region South are currently using webSTARS to manage their CommLogs, Desk Journals and Pass & ID data. All Incident Reporting at these sites is now input via CLEOC. Although CLEOC is mandated as the Navy's standard security tool, webSTARS is still available to any site interested in licensing it. webSTARS is available not just in Region Northwest or South, but throughout the U.S.Navy. This webpage is your central source for informaton and updates on webSTARS. Please use the links below for specific webSTARS topics:


Deployment Status
Demo Site
Support Information
Reporting webSTARS Errors
Help for Adobe Printing
Technical Specifications

For additional information about webSTARS, please contact Jim Stifler at ZOA Consulting (415-566-9949).